We accept volunteer applicants, ages 12 and up. Volunteers age 12-14, however, are limited to helping with barn chores, and must co-volunteer with a parent or guardian. Volunteers ages 15 and up are eligible to help in lessons

Many of our students require a horse leader and side-walkers to support them throughout their lessons. You can commit to a weekly time-slot, and get to know the student and the horse and experience their progress. Amidst the lesson and laughter, you will witness transformational change in the students and don’t be surprised if you realize that you are positively changing as well!

Without help from our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to bring this experience to our special students. With your continued time and support, we can grow and provide services to more and more students. No matter what your area of expertise, we can always use your help! No experience is required.


  • Side walking with students
  • Leading horses in lessons
  • Facility repairs / Grounds
  • Barn Chores
  • Special Events
  • Fundraising / Grant writing
  • Public Relations / Marketing
  • Photography / Video / Newsletter
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Budget and finance
  • Future planning

Volunteer Orientations


  • Prospective volunteers must complete a volunteer application (signed by a parent or guardian, if under 18).​ If necessary, a hard copy of the application can be completed on-site.​​
  • All volunteers ages 18 and over are required to submit the following clearances, prior to starting volunteer service, and renew them every 3 years:
    • PA State Police Criminal Background Check​
    • PA Child Abuse History Clearance
    • FBI Criminal Background Check
    • ** Although the state law has renewal requirements may be different, at The Stoneybrook Foundation requires all three clearances to be completed and renewed every 3 years.These clearances and instructions are required by and provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. SBF is not able to alter ​ ​requirements or assist in obtaining the clearances. Please visit this site for instructions and links to order the clearances: ​ ​http://dhs.pa.gov/publications/findaform/childabusehistoryclearanceforms/index.htm
  • Volunteers are required to attend an orientation and training session. Once application and applicable clearances are complete, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Haley Hutchinson at hhutchinson@stoneybrookfoundation.org to set up your appointment.
  • Volunteers are required to read the SBF Volunteer​ Handbook, and sign a handbook receipt form, prior to beginning volunteer service.
  • A Volunteer Information Update Form must be completed annually,​ confirming contact info, and verifying that are no changes to clearance status​.

Please download, complete (SIGNED AND DATED), print and mail to:

The Stoneybrook Foundation
260 Mountain Trails Lane
Acme, PA 15610
attention: Volunteer Coordinator